Bottle 30mL - Price : 209€




Infodermique, 24h Active Face Serum Day & Night, real tissue restructuring, based on a secret formula at the cutting edge of aesthetic science. This concentrate of FBS patented natural active ingredients, with state of the art technology, provides unprecedented anti-age effectiveness immediately in order to combat the deep wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes already present, loss of radiance and firmness. Strong cell rejuvenation booster, this serum acts at the heart of the cell memory reactivating the synthesis of the natural collagen fibres present in your skin. From the first application, your face is restructured, lifted, gets back its radiance, density and firmness of youth.




Apply Infodermique, 24h Active Face Serum Day & Night on your perfectly cleansed skin after using a toner, morning and/or evening, on entire face, neck and neckline, by circular upward movements.

For optimal comfort, Infodermique, 24h Active Face Serum Day & Night can be reinforced with L’Essentiel and/or The Lux One Night by L’Or by One.

In order to obtain optimal results over entire face, we recommend you also use Infodermique, 24h Active Eyes Serum Day & Night by L’Or by One.