Who are we ?

Created in 2009, the range L'Or by One responds perfectly to customers looking for efficiency, comfort and safety. The fine and deep wrinkles are filled, the outline of the face is redensified, your skin will glow and firmness.

The promise of a revolutionary innovation: a perfect symbiosis between Hyaluronic Acid and patented natural active ingredients L'Or by One BNF / A and BNF / I +:
From age 21, collagen production is inhibited and decreases gradually up to a 75% decrease at the age of 80 years. The active ingredients BNF / A and BNF / I + boost cellular memory, which, through their own mechanism, activate the production of collagen naturally by your body in order to provide fast and real action on anti-aging:
- Increased Elasticity
- Increased Firmness
- Decrease wrinkle depth
- Increase hydration

All our products are of French manufacture and not tested on animals.
Tolerance tests ensure total safety.